Who is “Chocolate Lively”?

You can call me “PALM”.

Like the palm tree, I feel alive by the ocean.
I’m an upcountry woman from the south of Thailand.

I’m an Ocean Addicted.

I have lived in Bangkok for more than ten years, like my experiences working in the tech industry.

Why is it called “Chocolate Lively”


When I think about Chocolate,

I think of the Bitter, Sweet perspectives and my burned tan skin.
That’s me! I’m Chocolate!


Chocolate Lively is the place sharing the Lively vibes of life.
Everyone has many views on life.
I want to share my lively and cheerfulness of life.
That’s what will drive our life. Isn’t it?

 Welcome to my space of a TECH girl who wants to explore how to make life meaningful. Why we’re here on earth? Let’s explore together!